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Starfield: High Price to Pay: Who Dies?



Starfield: High Price to Pay: Who Dies?

Starfield is a space adventure game where players have to choose their way through will be a great joy. These choices make a difference in how the game moves, who you interact with, and how characters turn out.

There’s a mission “High Price to Pay” where your decisions have significant consequences throughout the entire story.

With each step taken in this mission, there is a consequence and your future actions are dictated by the choices you made before.

Let’s see what High Price to Pay is about.

A Tough Choice Appears

Players in Starfield have a tough choice as they face one ‘life or death’ mission that adds suspense to the journey.

“High price to pay”, the next mission requires gamers need to choose between protecting valuable artifacts or helping friends who are in critical condition at “the eye”.

The Starborn mystery is one that makes this decision altogether hard and adds more to the risks and rush.

The Importance of Making a Choice 

In this case, players do not plan their moves as they also have to think of something that is meaningful for them and seems right.

They have to ask themselves: Shall they save the mission or live with themselves knowing that their friends have been sacrificed? Will they be prepared to lose all or save a friend?

The decisions made by the character will actually affect or risk putting the characters into trouble.

What Happens Next 

No matter what they choose, one of the characters you can romance in the game will die.

It depends on your acts while playing, and how close you are to a character. The decision is not simple, it is emotional.

It’s possible that a player may unintentionally kill the character he likes.

A Hidden Ending 

Indeed, “High Price to Pay” does not simply mean a tough choice. There’s a secret ending, too. The Hunter is a strange Starborn that has caused harm to some of the player’s friends.

There is a special scene that is shown to players if they elect to battle and successfully defeat The Hunter; upon winning such a match, the players are rewarded with a powerful weapon. 

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Is it Possible to Save Everyone in Starfield’s “High Price to Pay”?

Yes, it is possible but there’s a twist.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • You will meet another person by the name of Vladimir a little later on in the game. If you do; you have to make up your mind and say something which is unrepeatable as well as a characteristic of a Starborn. Then, you would advise him to take the necessary things outside the lodge immediately.
  • Then comes another mission called “Foreknowledge”. Here, you make the Armillary before you get the chance to play for the first time. Your essential things, including your friends, are protected in this way.

However, there is a drawback to making this decision. That makes the bad guy, the Hunter, and they become quite displeased with you.

For that, he goes ahead and kills all people in a boat known as ‘The Scow’. However, it’s a bit sad that you have left all of them playing but your good friends in the game.


Our Choices Matter The mission “High Price to Pay” shows players how important their choices are in Starfield. 

It’s a part of the game’s story that makes players think hard about what they do because they’ll have to deal with the results, whether they’re good or bad. 

As they travel through the huge space world of the game, players see how their choices can cause big changes that are felt everywhere.

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