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Fat Race Codes 2023 December [Updated]



Fat Race Codes

Fat Race by Darkgaming is a Roblox game about hill racing using the weight gain strategy. Moreover, your role in the game is a heavy, fat object rolling down on the hills with maximum surface coverage. Further, as the game is based on weight gain mechanics, you can eat delicious food items that add to your weight and accelerate your rolling speed. 

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Additionally, as the game progresses, the gameplay becomes faster, and clicking accelerates the racing speed and requires your self-control to stay on track. Aside from that, our Fat Race Codes provide rewards to become the fastest racing game player. Like any racing game, you must save yourself from on-road obstacles, including gears and food.

Working Roblox Fat Race Codes (December 2023)

Rolling down the hilly way and earning points makes Fat Race appealing to players. However, Fat Race Codes also provide a variety of game rewards, including coins, boosts, and pets. Therefore, you can use these rewards to unlock in-game items and enhance your character. 

  • WELOVEPUG – Use this code to get x2 Luck for 10 Minutes
  • pug64 – Use this code for a Unicorn Pet
  • SERVERSECRET – Use this code to get x2 Food for 10 Minutes

How to Redeem Fat Race Codes

Several factors contribute to code errors, and as a beginner, it is essential to understand the method before implementing it. To begin, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the game

  • Open your Roblox and launch the Fat Race game on your favorite device.

Step 2: Shopping Cart

  • On the right side of the game screen, click on the Shopping Cart icon.

Step 3: Code Button

  • Scroll down, locate the code button, and tap on it.

Step 4: Enter Code

  • Add the Fat Race Code to the new window and click the Redeem Button.

Step 5: Code Rewards

  • Check out Fat Race’s account; coins, pets, and boosters are there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my rolling speed? 

As a fatty object, the more you eat and gain weight, the faster you will roll down the hills. Therefore, look for food items spread throughout levels to eat and bulk up, increasing your speed.

What can I do to stay on the path and avoid obstacles?

Speeding downhill requires careful steering and rolling to avoid obstacles. Moreover, keep an eye out for gear and food items in your way and avoid crashing into them.   

What do you need to improve your clicking skills?

The more often you click during your descent, the more speed and momentum you will gain. Similarly, accelerate quickly through open straightaways, then ease up through curves requiring more steering. 

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