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Best Starfield XP Farm Methods for Levelling Up Fast



Best Starfield XP Farm Methods for Levelling Up Fast

Starting your adventure in Starfield is all about exploring, fighting, and most importantly, getting to higher levels. As you travel through this big universe, finding the best ways to earn XP helps you get new skills and benefits.

Whether you’re fighting space creatures or dealing with aliens, getting to higher levels is super important.

In this post, we are going to explain how you can level up quickly in Starfield with XP Farm methods.

Sleep to Get a Well-Rested Bonus:

In Starfield, sleeping isn’t just for rest; it helps you level up faster. Sleeping in any bed of the game gives you a ‘well rested’ bonus.

This fantastic bonus makes you earn 10% more XP for a while. It’s a quick way to help you level up, especially before doing big tasks like taking out enemy bases or finishing complex missions.

  • Find a safe location with a bed.
  • Interact with the bed to initiate rest.
  • Sleep for any duration.
  • Upon waking, you’ll receive the Well-Rested bonus, evident from the on-screen notification.

Get Married:

In the game Starfield, building friendships isn’t just about having allies; it can also lead to marriage, unlocking a special perk called the Emotional Security bonus.

This bonus works similarly to the Well-Rested one, but it’s even better, it boosts the experience points XP you earn by 15% after your character sleeps. This significant increase can really speed up how quickly you level up in the game, making your journey through the cosmos even more thrilling.

So, forming strong bonds in Starfield isn’t just for companionship; it’s also a smart strategy for leveling up.

  • Engage frequently with a chosen companion to deepen your relationship.
  • Complete the “Commitment” quest related to your companion.
  • After marriage, sleep in any bed to activate the Emotional Security bonus.

Drink Alien Tea: 

In Starfield, there’s this unique drink known as Alien Tea. You have the option to craft this drink on your own, and the cool part is, that it boosts your XP by 1% for a short period of 15 minutes. 

Now, you might think that’s not a lot, but here’s the thing: if you’re someone who plays for extended hours, this small percentage actually accumulates into a substantial amount over time.

  • Gather the required ingredients: Distilled Water x1 and Fiber x1.
  • Craft Alien Tea using these ingredients.
  • Consume the tea to receive a 1% XP boost for the next 15 minutes.

Complete Missions: 

Missions are central to the Starfield experience. They’re not just tasks but stories that pull you deeper into the game, presenting hurdles to overcome, and rewarding you with a bounty of XP. 

Tackling the primary missions is a sure-fire way to see your level shoot up rapidly. And the fun doesn’t stop there; once you’ve completed the main storyline, there’s no need to worry. 

The game features a continuous stream of secondary quests for you to progress through with the aim of giving you more XP points and boosting your gaming experience throughout.

  • Log into an online mission board or other in-game areas that host it.
  • If there are some available quests, accept them and it will regenerate automatically.
  • You get an XP reward upon completion of a quest.

Explore New Areas: 

Therefore, you can get XP by simply traveling and visiting new locations. But that’s not all. You will also be able to discover animals and plants on these planets and using your scanner on them, you will gain further XP.

It’s also one of the enjoyable ways of increasing your level in an extensive universe.

  • Explore a new system using your ship.
  • Travel or land on/to other planets for XP points.
  • Extra XP can be gained by scanning wildlife and plants.

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Use Cheats (PC Only): 

For those of you who have acquired Starfield and are playing it on a computer, you can activate certain coding tools known as cheats that will immediately boost your level into high heaven. This makes it less boring to do tasks and earn XP.

While using cheats can speed up leveling, there’s a downside. In addition, you might skip important story parts and exciting challenges that make the game enjoyable

  • Press the ‘~’ key to open the command console.
  • Type “player.setlevel [desired level]” (without brackets) and press Enter.
  • Enjoy your instant new level.

Final Words:

As we wrap up, remember, that Starfield is a universe full of possibilities. Whether you’re enjoying Alien Tea, forging alliances, or exploring distant planets, every action has its rewards. 

Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions or queries.

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