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Bathroom Tower Defense X Codes 2023 November – Get Free Gems & More



Bathroom Tower Defense X Codes

Bathroom Tower Defense X by Flaming Lion offers an action-packed Roblox game where you must defend against wave after wave of toilets taking your camerapersons. Generally, you’re responsible for locating your toilet soldiers to attack and defend against enemies. 

Additionally, the fun element of the game makes it appealing to all ages. Further, your success chances increase with every enemy you defeat in the game. However, after defeating enemies in Bathroom Tower Defense X, you will face the boss of your rivals.

Additionally, defeating the boss sometimes requires additional strength, which is where our Bathroom Tower Defense X codes are helpful.

Working Roblox Bathroom Tower Defense X Codes (November 2023)

In Bathroom Tower Defense X, you play the role of a defender for various locations, although toilet enemies keep attacking irrespective of the level. In addition, you need to unlock different in-game items to execute toilet enemies timely and locate the best fighters. 

Therefore, if you want to purchase in-game items, you will need gems; for gems, you will need Bathroom Tower Defense X codes. Now, it’s clear that game progress depends on codes.

  • BathroomTD – Use this code to get 200 Gems
  • tuxedoelite – Use this code to get 50 Gems
  • RELEASE! – Use this code to get 100 Gems

Expired Codes

  • 1MVisits
  • 500kVisits
  • 200kVisits
  • 70kVisits
  • 10KVisits
  • 1500Likes
  • 500Likes
  • 400Likes
  • 200Likes
  • LABORDAY2023

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How to Redeem Bathroom Tower Defense X Codes

It’s finally here! Most players search for Bathroom Tower Defense X codes to grind their enemies. Here are the steps you need to follow to avoid redemption code issues:

Step 1: Open Roblox

  • Start by opening Roblox and launching Bathroom Tower Defense X.

Step 2: Code Button

  • Scroll to the left of the screen and click on Codes Button.

Step 3: Enter Code

  • Copy the code from the above list of Bathroom Tower Defense X codes and paste it into the box.

Step 4: Redeem Button

  • To avoid reward errors, recheck the code and click the redeem button.

Step 5: Code rewards

  • Check your Bathroom Tower Defense X account; you will be thrilled to find gems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to put Toilet Tower Defense X units?

Depending on each toilet troop’s combat skills, strategically place them on the map to maximize their defense capabilities. Hence, some may excel at ranged attacks, while others prefer close-quarter warfare.

How should I upgrade my Bathroom Tower Defense X toilet units?

You can upgrade your toilet troops by earning in-game cash as you defeat invading enemies. Therefore, ensure the most essential troops have the highest damage output, health, and special abilities.

How to beat the boss toilet in Bathroom Tower Defense X?

Observe the boss toilet’s movement patterns and attacks to discover its weak points. After that, using your strongest toilet units and weapons, strike those weak spots between waves of attacks. 

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